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                                                      w in the dark-

                                                                     Mary's chapel


merry Christmas

traditional dishes

and gifts


Wolf on hill,

lichen, resin, pine,

old day, smells.


Walking fast,

as morning breaks:

will I miss the lights?


the still point

of a still turning world ...

Easter dance



of my muddy feet

god in temple


unbound . . .

her song rippling

distant shores


dense fog spirits of snowmen?


in and out of the fog these feet below me


distant prayer...

her graceful soul enwrapped

in silence


life line –

a child keeps in his palm

a green caterpillar


lake frozen

without notice

I am surprised


Threshold horizons:

giving metaphors to waters,

our full white moon.




Pointing the pause the cut discloses the clearing.


A white field buzzard

picks a fly from a mule’s eye.

{ a bit done } { a day done}


from the edge of a half chewed leaf rising moon


a mouse licks the Cheshire moon


Cayuga Lake

a carp mouths the girl's reflection


shadows fold within shadows of the rose


bindweeds in the wind –

some old letters

on a dusty table


attics window –

leaning towards light

a small cactus


silence at noon –

butterfly wings

clasped on clover


a paper heart

pinned at the last page –

„Romeo and Juliet”


gloomy alley –

crushing chestnut flowers

under my wheelchair



The Queen of Black Hearts;

Only you ignite my soul.

Your kisses I crave.


A crack in the Earth,

the waves wash over Japan.

Ruin all around.


City street names:

ghosts that cast us as shadows

into their sunsets


Tremulous poplars

Black in winter’s bitter wind:

Mad violinists.

Dark muddy footpaths

Beyond back yards, unleashed dog:

Rabid ravener.

Black hounds chase black crows,

The moon pales silver rice

Paddies: Commotion


The earthquake

has stopped the tour clock

Spring wind



smell the colour of the wind,

walk without a map


sun shower

a twig settles in the cloud


the year ends in the long tail of a squirrel’s shadow


a patch of ripples disappears


the raven winters in its shadow


from her dark hip the moon’s curve


on window pane

by morning frost

kiss of the spring


destroyed country

the people and cities

waits the compassion


says goodbye

by drops from icicles

the winter



atop a snow drift

melting heart


spring morning

snowman  in a puddle-

baby tears


spring moon --

on the kitchen table

like in last year


snow piled up

and now it melts-



last year's evening

under blooming cherry

already as  far !


a morning glory


on the little girl’s finger –


first fairy tale


dry leaves on fire –


the last autumn rose


won’t open




spring emotions

smiles in the sunlight

baby's blush


First spring rain

It is necessary  to repair

Broken umbrella


Spring morning

Shadows of houses look in

Mirror of pools


The spring sun

Sparrows rejoice

On dung of horses


spring wind

twisted together snowflakes

direct to the summer

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