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t'heart of haiku was  created in 2010 by Svetlana Marisova and Ted van Zutphen as a place for them to collaborate and explore the mysteries of life through their unfolding love for each other and for the power of expressing their separate lives through the poetic form explored by and depthed by the great Japanese haiku poets.

With her infectiously youthful enthusiasm the late Marisova envisioned a time when short form poems crafted in the English language could become as potent a form of poetry as the hokku written by Basho, Buson, Chiyo-ni and Issa.  With an almost irreverent zeal, and often at odds with the entrenched world of English language haiku, she pressed forward to enflesh that vision.

This site is now being offered by Ted van Zutphen and Svetlana Marisova's family and friends as a gift and a repository for all those who share their vision.