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Submissions of material for publication

on the art of haiku pages

may be made by registered members of this web site.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • Click "Submit a haiku" (or senryu, etc.), copy and paste your haiku in the body, swipe/highlight your text.
  • Next choose a Font (Tahoma recommended), Size (14), center justify and italic if desired.
  • Fill in a title (first line recommended).
  • Choose Section: haiku submissions,, senryu submissions etc.
  • Choose Category: haiku, senryu, etc.
  • Mark Published (yes), Front Page (no).
  • If all looks good, click "Save" at the top..... That's it. 
  • To submit a haiga, place the cursor in the body, click "image" at the bottom, open the "haiga" folder and upload your image.... click Insert at the top. Embedded text is preferred.

             Thanks for your submission.

  • Administration reserves the right to change appearance, section and display characteristics.
  • No content will be changed without the consent of the author.
  • Submissions may be deleted or unpublished, if considered inappropriate.