riverbank ...
willow branches reach
for their roots


Simply Haiku Vol.9. No.1 Spring 2011


roaring river . . .

one pebble at a time,

carving temples


Simply Haiku Vol.9. No.1 Spring 2011



autumn wind

in her cloudy eyes ...

my deaf dog


garter snake,

leaving his skin behind . . .

spring dawn


spring brook ...

your love chiming

in the breeze


budding spring -

tomorrow's sunrise



lullabies -

your peaceful sleep

enfolding me


frangipani -

even in my dreams,

that scent


spring bathing

in the willow tree,

four waxwings


glowing planet -

the silver river washes

into the tide


narcissus -

Miles' trumpet cleaning

my winter blues ...


dark spring

spilling into the sea ...

blood of gojira


empty boat

adrift without oars

a loon's laugh


Notes from the Gean,  Vol. 2, Issue 4 - March 2011


great wave -

a ship anchors

on the roof


sunset shadow

climbing the red wall ...

a hawk


a yearling

finds his stride ...

second spring


east wind -

pulling the string

to a cloud


drowning sun -

fingers move over keys

not finding words


pole star

in her eyes,

hot chocolate


tidal moon -

where does the sun rise


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