the art of haiku

...matters of theart

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1812 overture -

the bell player

takes a nap



I drink her tears

through the phone


the words

she never believed -

paper moon


kicking stars -


old men still boys


with jelly knees



haijinx volume IV, issue 1, March 2011


car wash -

cleaning the winter blues

muddy waters


got down on my knees

slowhand in the mud


mud slide -

getting down and dirty

screamin jay


two haijin


on the same page


different ku


leaky ink pen


in my shirt pocket


her sigh


mourning card -


he plucks grey hairs


from his eyebrows


the teacher

glances at the apple . . .

then the clock


vigil for the victim -


with a gun in her purse


she weeps


smoke rings


roll around his finger


a train whistle


boxing day ~

fresh cardboard boxes

for the homeless


daydreaming -

the old woman weaves

a dream catcher



listen . . .

there is peace

in my heart


on the porch

he smokes his cigar . . .

"why me?"


a family prays -

thanks for too much 



his taste buds

banning breasts to history

... for a while


new blood

oozes into the heart -

tears of joy


as the world turns

fight overshadows



a combine gobbles

stalks of corn -

food or fuel?